Tuesday, May 10, 2005

task 1 complete!

got an appointment with the GI surgeon for next tuesday, yay! and after that we can schedule the actual surgery. no waiting for a psych consult, yadda yadda. we're getting her in so fast because apparently the surgeon (who i'll call dr. f to keep the trend) and dr. t are good buds.

anyway, think good thoughts for getting the surgery scheduled quickly, too. i'm sure it will still be several weeks until the surgery, but that's better than 2 MONTHS (the normal wait time what with their pre-surgery rituals) to even get the surgeon appointment and then many weeks more for the actual surgery.

meantime min's been doing worse the last week. BUT she got some different meds yesterday and they seem to be helping the pain a little bit more. hopefully that trend will continue!

meantime part deux: thank god the main code delivery for our Big Project at work is DONE. in related news, i think i'm going to explode if (in my near future) i have to spend more than 2 full days in a row looking at a spreadsheet with 30 tabs and at least 30 rows per tab. 5 tabs are enough to manage on a daily basis, thanks (stupid metrics).

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