Tuesday, September 19, 2006

updates: the short, short version

  • saturday we went to SF and:
    • saw our therapist, b, for a VERY difficult but also productive session. to be honest it almost felt like pre-breakup planning. very interesting.
    • strolled around bernal heights, which i have decided i'm in love with. they have an awesome little pet store with fabulous prices, for starters. and everything else is just adorable.
    • had a most scrrrrumptious dinner at valentino ristaurante. simply charming, our waiter let us pick the music that played, and the food….oh my. sooo tasty.
    • followed this with dessert at ghirardelli square. any day that ends with chocolate is good.
  • had to get a new cell phone last night because cingular is run by punks. just kidding. we used to have at&t and well, finally had to convert. so today my right hand is a little tired from putting in phone numbers. because the old sim card was at&t they couldn't copy it to the new phone. so they said :-p
  • OTOH my new phone is much cuter. i wish it was a camera phone, but maybe in a few months!
  • marriage is being protected against sharks. i just thought you should know.
ok that's enough for now. later!

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