Friday, September 15, 2006

word of the day: oscillococcinum

don't ask me how to pronounce it but i have found The True Story of Oscillococcinum. and i tell you, it is hard to resist reading a True Story About A Very Long And Funny Looking Word.

or at least skim it and find these gems:
  • But they could also grow and get one or two more balls.
  • Roy thought immediately of a homeopathic application.
  • Korsakov's first name is often incorrectly transcribed as Semen
  • The mass of that container would have to be about a googol googol googol times our world, which would be incomprehensibly larger than the visible universe.
thanks, liz, for alerting me to this fine word which could be quite marvelous, but is in fact just questionable.


gs said...

I know this is a very late comment, but I saw this stuff today, in the flesh. I was in the checkout lane at my local Wild Oats natural foods supermarket (maybe one in your neighborhood), and I saw the little cardboard box in the "tempt me while I'm waiting" display, and I thought, "I read about that crap in someone's blog!" I picked up the box and turned it around, and it said something about being listed in the Homeopathic Dictionary crap, just as the story you linked to talked about. I thought, Wow, I need to get home and find which blog that was, because this stuff really exists! And here it was, yours. Thanks. I wouldn't have given the little cardboard boxes a second glance if it hadn't been for this post on your blog, and the article it linked to, but it sure made me give a second thought to what they sell in Wild Oats supermarkets. :)

Keep up the good posting. We out here do read.

heather said...

heh. glad i could amuse AND educate!