Monday, March 21, 2005


i kind of glossed over me and min's anniversary last week because there was a lot of chaos on that day. we'd planned to celebrate this past weekend but min still wasn't up for much, although we did go out for lunch in a lame kind of way (@whole foods before shopping there). i'm not complaining, mind you. just stating the facts. i was kinda out of it this weekend (and today) too what with my little ovaries going apeshit.

anyway. so imagine my surprise when today i get a call from the receptionist that i have a package. wtf? turns out my baby ordered me some flowers in an adorable bunny container! and you know how we love the bunnies. and tons and tons of flowers!

so if you get around to reading this, thanks baby! if anyone else reads this besides me, then please burst forth with a little smile. just a little one. if you have trouble, it looks like this:


Andrea said...

=D =D =D =D =D =D =D

oh, and =D

heather said...

go andrea go ! wooo!

Moxie said...

beloved, you are my heart and my life. you add color, dimension, power, excitement, depth, and general zooms of swoons to my world in every moment.

you are not just my wife, you are the Extra Dimension to my reality.

Kisses, big D,