Wednesday, March 16, 2005


while i wait for a rebase to finish, let me tell you about yesterday. yesterday i celebrated:
  • 8 years of marriage to Min
  • pearl's 1 year birthday
  • a plethora of technical issues with work tools
  • another last-minute trip to the ER for one of Min's attacks

Ok maybe i didn't "celebrate" the last two. #3 is actually fairly common. #4 is not as common as it used to be, thank the drumming goddesses. it's not any less exhausting though. and happened just in time for my annual review at work, at 9am so i didn't even get to think about sleeping in like usual (after an attack night). that's why starbucks is my friend and i'm so grateful that my baby gave me a gift card for valentines. i'm feeling less blurry by the minute as the caffiene and sugar attempt to zoom through my veins. today they're just kind of ambling in.

she has another appointment with dr. t next friday, and i sure as fuck hope he says she gets another botox shot to try to keep her duodenum from clenching shut and causing these attacks. because if this represents "as good as it gets" for her, then that just sucks so much that i don't even have the energy to talk about it. meantime her new pain specialist doc (another great guy with a longass name, so we call him "dr. s") has been really fabulous. they are still figuring out the best combination of meds for her, but just thank god thank GOD she has him too. wait, i meant to thank the scent-free shamanic vegetarian potluck-happy drumming goddesses. my bad.

well i suppose that's enough TMI for now. rebase almost done. back to the grind.

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Carol said...

Happy anniversary! I had no idea. That's most excellent and certainly an achievement in the ongoing anti-queer era. And may you not be "celebrating" the last two items on your list much longer--I'll put up an altar to the scent-free shamanic vegetarian potluck-happy drumming goddesses if that's what it takes.