Wednesday, March 30, 2005

good morning, sunshine!

actually i said good morning to the moon, today. needed to be up at 445 this morning because min's getting a test done at stanford. i forget the name of it but it's checking for a special kind of cyst on her pancreas that causes hyper acid production. and believe me, she's got acid-a-plenty. the nexium helps a LOT with that (she's on 4x the regular dosage) but she still has trouble not burning holes into her stomach. thus, the test to see if she has the rare cyst.

anyway! so i had to be up by 445, but that didn't stop me from waking up at 230 and NOT GETTING BACK TO SLEEP. min was having trouble sleeping (a regular occurence for her) so she went out to the living room to watch some tv. i woke up a little but then i realized i was hungry. and not like, oh i feel a little hungry but i'll just ignore it, roll over and go back to sleep. no. my stomach said OH MY GOD YOU NEED TO EAT NOW. NOW NOW NOW OR I'M GOING TO EXPLODE BECAUSE YOU NEVER FEED ME, EVER EVER EVER! i tried ignoring it for about 45 minutes...drinking water...trying a million sleeping positions... no dice. ugh.

on the upside, by the time i caved in and had a fun size cup of pudding, it was only an hour or so til i was supposed to get up, so i just went out and watched when harry met sally with min. who fell asleep in 5 minutes. not me! i knew i was up for the day, but it's been years since i've seen that and i enjoyed it for the 80's feel good predictable yet touching romantic comedy that it was.

and now that my rebase is done, i'll just say what's been said a million times: thank the drumming goddesses for starbucks.

oh and ps. min got her new botox shot scheduled, yay! on tax day, no less. appropriate since this has been a taxing experience (sorry, i couldn't resist). means she'll have to be on disability an extra week (it's later than we wanted) but i don't care. i just want this to be over and done with. as i imagine min does. ;-p

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