Friday, March 18, 2005

you just saved $2489.35

i never used to pay attention to how much i "saved" on prescriptions because i have insurance. probably because i've been on the same few things for a long time - old news. but in the last year min has probably tried at least 30 new medications in an effort to keep her health under control, and a couple of times we've had to pay for the name brand of things and the regular copay (10-25) got scaled up to close to $75. bleh.

anyway, so yesterday her aforementioned-totally-kick-ass pain specialist dr. s adjusted her meds a bit. we go to pick them up at walgreens, i pay my $30 for the two rxes, then casually glance at the "you just saved" field for them. holy shit. one of them we "only" saved around $400, but the other one - JFC. 2500 smackers.

thank god for DP benefits. she has her own insurance for the prescriptions, but it really kicks in on the hospital visits. we both have blue cross so between the two i don't think we've had to pay anything for her escapades the last few months.

min is going on disability again. realized that she just is not going to be able to work until we get things under control. it's going to be hard on us financially but we'll work things out like we always do. i don't care if we have to move into a hole. she's been making things worse by working so hard. i'm actually grateful that she's doing this. i just hope that dr. t can work some magic and get her back to a relatively normal life instead of having to struggle through every second.

and of course i'm exhausted. i feel bad about complaining since i'm not having near the trouble min is, but there it is. i'm not horrendously tired and burnt out now, but i can see it coming and it makes me anxious, especially since i know the next month or so at work is going to be insane.


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