Thursday, March 24, 2005

clearcase rules

i've used several version control programs (source safe, perforce, cvs, clearcase) and at my current job, clearcase rules the day. i say rules because dealing with it in one way or another must take up a third of my day, and that's a lot of time for one little application. only other one that comes close is outlook and that's because email is well, you know. like crack.

anyway, i've recently come to realize that for all the aggravation, despair and clear waste of time that clearcase brings into my work day, it also brings me this: a chance to goof off guilt-free. because we track our time down to the nanosecond and while i'm working on one of the usual clearcase tasks that has to run in the background (rebase, joining a project, etc), my time is "accounted for".

thing is, i actually like to work. it feels weird to goof off in the office. so 95% of the time, i'm multitasking on other work. i get lots of shit done at once, and that's great. great for me, great for mr. brady, yadda. but once in a while i do take these opportunities for freedom (that's what they are!) to talk here, read my email, give liz a hard time, whatever. :-D

the point of all this is: i think i've decided that i don't mind if clearcase sticks around, even though i think as a version control app, it's pretty fucked up. i'm all about taking the guilt-free things whenever i can get them. that is, when i'm not guilting myself into working anyway.

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