Saturday, June 04, 2005

murphy's law

ack. probably because i just admitted to my evil twin, min just called me to say she's having a lot of trouble all of a sudden with pain, distension and nausea. the distension makes me think it's the food she's eaten, that it's not moving down correctly. they just have her on soups, yogurt, but still. today has seen her first non-IV nourishment post-surgery. ieeeee.

also i forgot to mention earlier that today min officially lost her job. they sent her a letter explaining why (inability to work? what gives?) and in an unexpected but pleasant twist, they will continue to pay her health benefits through the end of AUGUST. 3 extra months that we don't have to worry about, if it takes her that long to get another job. hopefully she'll be able to start looking for work in a month or so, after she's healed.

so, next time you're thinking of min, please send her an extra ray of positivity for tonight's struggles and for the challenges ahead.

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