Tuesday, June 07, 2005

return of the min!

min got home tonight, woo! she's hanging in there, doesn't seem to be too bad with her at-home pain meds (which only took ~5 phone calls to the doctor, ~10 calls to varying pharmacies, and 2.5 hours to fill at the pharmacy). right now she's watching a dvd and getting sleepy i think. hope.

tomorrow her sister lori starts her award-winning role of nurse, and i can't describe how grateful i am. i could have taken a few days off, and i would have been fine, but then i wouldn't have vacation later (we're hoping to take a bit, in a month or so when she's better). on top of that, lori used to be a bonafide nurse, so she'll do a much better job than me. and as an extra primo good bonus, she COOKS. and min will need lots of blending, cooking and food preparation over the next several weeks. i cook like, spaghetti. homemade soup? special fruit/fortified concoctions? um. yeah, you have the wrong heather.

in more personal news, i seem to have calmed the fuck down. sorry if i weirded anybody out with my earlier rants. i'll claim stress, stress and hormones as a defense strategy. oh, and stress. in any case, things seem to be calming down externally and internally, and whether that's permanent or fleeting, i don't care. i'll take the respite either way. i likes my sanity.

and i like bouncing. bounce bounce!

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