Tuesday, June 21, 2005

wearing the pants (and flowers)

after reading this, suddenly i'm remembering back when min and i were getting flowers for our commitment ceremony. early on the florist, filling out her standard wedding form, said, 'so who's the groom?' and i said, 'first of all, there is no groom. second, you can put down heather.'

the completely flustered and confused look on her face was priceless. we'd already told her it was us two girls gettin hitched, and we were standing right in front of her during this whole thing, but did that stop her from asking such a stupid question? noooo.

and actually she was totally cool. it was just her being straight, clueless and trapped in HeteroVision, i'm sure. but it was still fun to freak out The Straight Person for a minute. bwahaha.

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