Thursday, December 15, 2005

and now, the toupee report

tomorrow i expect to be outside. at least i have a new cute (and sexy) hoodie to wear! our group at work is doing an offsite for habitat for humanity. i think it's a great idea. i just hope my ovaries will cooperate. all week they've been staging an overthrow of the government. frankly i think they should be sentenced to death, but whatever.

in more cheery news, it's really looking good for my parents coming up here for christmas, en route to oregon. talked to my mom tonight finally and she's feeling better. has a meeting with the cardiologist tomorrow but expects him to say, 'sure, you can head up to oregon!' so hopefully we will in fact have a full house for christmas.

i've gotten no further on decorating the tree, thanks to aforementioned coup d'abdomen. but i have this weekend to wrap that up, wrap presents, and clean up the house. wooo! again, i should be exhausted on monday but happy. good way to start a short week. :-D

oh and ALMOST done buying christmas presents - 1 more to go. waiting for some to arrive, and others are trickling in. phew! thank YOU, almighty internet! i bow to your magnificence.

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