Sunday, December 11, 2005

you don't light up my life

i think one of the universal constants must be that every year when you pull out christmas lights for the tree, one or more sets of lights will refuse to work, forcing you to buy replacements.

on the other hand, maybe this is part of some master consumerist conspiracy. maybe, in inner circles, it is known that christmas lights are engineered to have no more than a 2 year shelf life. by keeping the time so short, it forces us to by replacements every few years, thus keeping the industry alive. hmmm....

at least replacements are en route. :-)

ps. i am definitely feeling more festive today. working on the tree and listening to christmas music all day may have something to do with that. hard to say!


raku said...

It's totally a conspiracy. Glad to hear your mum's doing better and that your humbug is dissipating. Xmas seems to be sneaking up on everyone this year--I had one of those "Oh shit" moments myself yesterday as we were wrapping presents and I realized how many I hadn't bought yet. One hour on Amazon later, I was feeling much better. :-)

heather said...

heh. at least you've wrapped!

and yes, thank goodness for the internet, which cures so many ills.

Jenn!e said...

I'm loving the vision of you being more festive as you have Christmas carols going in the background. I wonder when the hell we're going to get our tree? I want to take you with us as our Tree Consultant.