Friday, December 09, 2005

oh right

sorry, forgot to update y'all on my mumzi. i talked to her tuesday night and turns out the overmedication premise is not that bizarre. i didn't realize my mom had lost about 100 pounds over the last year or so. the month or two she was just with us, she lost maybe 10 pounds? but before that i saw her maybe once a year, for the last few years, so it was kind of hard to keep up with that.

anyway, apparently her meds have not really been adjusted during that time, particularly her pain meds and blood presure medicine. mostly they are concerned about the blood pressure, since that would explain the fainting and lack of energy quite well. obviously the pain meds could affect that too, but the blood pressure especially.

i meant to call my mom last night but fell asleep too early (nice for a change tho, i have to admit). i WILL call her tonight. i will!

meantime today min and i had a really nice lunch downtown at sonoma chicken and then trolled the farmer's market right there. was pretty spartan, especially compared to what i used to see when i worked a few blocks away, but it was still fun to go and get a couple veggies, flowers, and a christmas ornament.

because we don't have enough of those. no, we need to have about 20% more than the tree can hold. that way the ones left behind are not so ronery.

i suspect a lot of this weekend will be about christmas (getting stuff from the basement, buying a tree, maybe getting some presents finally!) -- and really that ain't so bad. :-D

happy weekend!

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