Saturday, December 31, 2005


i was going to treat you to a typically verbose recap of the last week or 2 but in the last few minutes pearl has fallen asleep in my arms, and one-handed typing is getting laborious and typo-prone. for now:

* please send my dad, mom and min some healing health vibes.

* found out last night that min's mom has congestive heart failure, has 1-6 months left. still in hospital ICU. anyway, the whole clan can use prayers and good vibery.

* please send me positive vibes (and if so inclined, a*vice) for handling some relationship/communication issues @ home

thanks all


raku said...

Sending good vibes for all and sundry. Sorry to hear your new year is starting off with the need for them, but consider this my wish that things get brighter and soon.

wen said...

sending lots of good vibes, and some reiki...