Monday, December 05, 2005

am i running out of love?

yes, 5 whole days since i last posted. i know you've enjoyed the respite, so yes, you're very welcome!

so what's going on in my corner of the world? that i'm willing to tell share in mixed company? hmm.

1. my mom is not only out of the hospital, she is at this moment either en route to or has landed in the smoldering hotbed of salem, oregon. as to what ended up being wrong with her, the working theory is hypoglycemia. yes, apparently if you time it well and don't eat right, you, too, can have a grand mal seizure as a result of low blood sugar.

re: moving to oregon, she and my dad could not locate a place down in phoenix in time (they had to move by the 15th) so up they're trekkin to ore-e-gone, to her brother richard's questionably fabulous apartment. i do wish them well.

2. we had a nice but mostly quiet weekend. tried to go see syriana but since it's difficult to see a movie that hasn't actually been released yet (p.s., yahoo movies lies), we saw harry potter instead. well, the special effects were nice, and that's about the only thing good i can say about it. not as good as the other potters, and no i did not read the books so that's not tainting me. plenty of other things taint me, but we'll save that for another cranial-sacral therapy session.

went to buca di beppo before the movie and had some scrrrrrrumptious lunch. although before we could finish, min accidentally knocked over a glass, that then broke, whose shard cut her finger. the manager brought some bandaids and gave us free cake as an apology. and may i say, honey, i'm sorry you cut your finger. but DAMN. i'm so glad we scored that free cake and accompanying sambuca sauce. my god. good shit.

after harry blahblah we tooled around the mall looking for christmas presents and slippers for me. i have had my $4 leather winnetonka slippers for almost 10 years. cool in the summer, warm in the winter. perfection. but they are really about 2 years overdue for the trashbin. heels are a bit shredded and smooshed, sole is cracking and fading away, and they're stained pretty thoroughly. but dammit i love them! and want exact replicas!

this morning i couldn't stand it and started trolling the internet for them -- alas they are no longer in production. but i think i have found some suitable replacements via zappos. finally taking the zappos plunge, we shall see how that goes..

3. work is still boring the shit out of me. but thankfully, i have liz to keep me amused and high-profile projects to get cancelled because people can't get their shit together. oh and a fire drill is coming sometime this week. i'm so excited!! wait, what was i thinking? work ROCKS!!!

ok that's enough love for now. don't want to smother you.
good night, and good luck.


Andrea said...

ooh, the wait was soooo worth it though. =D

harry blahblah...yeah, that about sums it up. i enjoyed it, i did, but eh. perhaps i am now jaded.

LOL about syriana and the finger cut. too funny!

Jenn!e said...

Bucca di Beppo is di Yummiest. (Note how I zeroed right in on the food.) Nice that they gave you dessert. Way to take a bullet, Min!