Tuesday, February 14, 2006

my nice-to-have

i could hypnotize you with details from the last week or so, but since today is v-day, i bring you only sweetness from this morning:

i woke up - again too early - with a incredibly sore back. it's been bugging me more lately, not sure why. anyway. surprise - min was up already! had been for a few hours, she's got some kind of flu it seems. i kissed her - and pearl - good morning and was going to start getting ready for work, when i remembered i had a valentines card for her. so i gave it to her, along with more kisses - for her and for pearl (everpresent for any opportunity for attention).

so this is all nice and good. but the best part was after all that, i told min about my back bothering me, and so she gave me an absolutely wonderful backrub this morning. such a little sweetie she is, even tho she felt miserable. didn't take all my pain away, but it all made for a much better way to start the day!

just taking a moment to document The Good Stuff. :-)

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snarfdog said...

That is totally awesome. It's nice when things like that happen. Bummer it had to come with a bad back though.