Thursday, February 02, 2006

i'm so glad

that on a day where i:

- went to bed 3 hours ago
- actually fell asleep 2 hours ago
- woke up 45 minutes ago
- have to be up for the day, 3 hours from now

that my brain would NOT. SHUT. UP.

if i ever win the lottery, i'm paying a mad scientist to build an off switch for my noggin. i swear.


wen said...

if you build it, they will come. or at least i'll come over and beg you for one. an off switch would do wonders for me right now, although i can't help but ponder if we'd have some kind of valley of the dolls action going on...ohhhh, scarily enough, i'm not sure i care.

heather said...

heh heh.
oh i mean, me too! i don't care. shut my brain off for a while. it could use the break.

cheddah said...

hrmmmm, pretty sure that i can't build an off switch for your noggin (or an on switch, for that matter!) but i can be mad and some consider me a scientist.

so, win the lottery and give me money!