Wednesday, February 22, 2006

confessions from the not-asleep bubbles

ok these are not going to be juicy confessions, so don't get your hopes up. but they are bubblicious:

#1 - i have been searching, sometimes fervently, sometimes half-heartedly, for a new provider for launcharoo over the last month. i really like being a reseller -- it's relatively easy to manage, gives me more chances to geek out, help people, and gets me a little money for not much effort.

however, as a result of my adventures, i am now painfully aware of the difference between 99.8% availability and 99.9%. and 99.8%, my friends, is not shabby in the hosting world. i just want perfection. but turns out finding a replacement is VERY difficult because - surprise! - i really did do a good job picking this provider, as they are definitely still a leader in their class. can i be happy with 100% most months and 99.8% on occasion? dunno.

also i have to say, i had no idea how worked up people are getting over SSH access. wow.

#2 - i really do have mixed feelings about my parents still being here. yes they are still here. let's just say:

- my dad spent most of yesterday with a vomit bowl, but does not appear to have actually had a stroke
- mom's health is a bit iffy as well, but she has been up for helping out around the house with chores. of course this comes with occasional passive-aggressive looks and lack-of-responsiveness. we love you, too, mom.

i hear they will leave by this weekend, depending on the weather. this assumes my dad is well enough to travel of course. and we all know where that kind of logic has gotten me: it's gotten me a 2 month visit from them. and as enlightening as their visit has been, i think i am versed enough in the foibles of my parents.

and what a great job it's done reminding me of my own, too! bonus.

#3 - i seem unable to remember that Staying Up Late At The Computer Will Not Put Me To Sleep. i might get some work done, but in fact it just means i stay awake longer, and the next day i will be a zombie.

but who doesn't want that? i can have zombie pride. rrrraaagggggrrff!

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