Thursday, February 16, 2006

the hits keep on comin'

as predicted, my parents did not leave today. if only i could make money as a parental prognosticator.

my mom came out before i left this morning and said that my dad had a really bad headache. so what? well, headaches can = pending stroke is what. and apparently they also really fuck with his vertigo if he has to drive w/headache, and lead to chuck upping. thanks. and due to the weather i'm sure that means my parents will be here another few days at least.

the good part is that i know min is really loving their company, and will be sad when they go. and i'm glad they're here too, altho i only see them for an hour or so each night when i get home. but the bad part is i just want a break. on tuesday they'll have been here for 2 months. two! i love them but i'm ready for them to leave.

but, only when they really are physically able to go. i just hope that day comes of course. it's just taking many more days than any of us ever expected.

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Jenn!e said...

Whoo, I could have predicted the weather, but not the bad headache. In the future, I will look to you for my prognostication needs.

(btw, weather in NoCal should be clear starting Sat.)

I hope the headache is nothing serious.