Thursday, January 25, 2007

$160 = cheap peace of mind

at least it is when your dog starts vomiting blood.

yes we went to the emergency vet tonight. yes pearl is fine, or should be totally fine by later today. for reasons that are very much unknown to me, she decided to throw up a chicken strip (jerky, the kind especially for dogs) about 1am. she's had them plenty of times, but this time it came back and apparently some got stuck somewhere along the way.

poor thing just kept trying to get rid of it, would calm down for 20 minutes, then start up again. after an hour or so of this, she started bringing up blood -- that was my limit, so off we went to the vet.

once again i love adobe animal hospital. they are fast, they are kind, and they are cheap. they only thing i don't like is the distance but really it's only an extra 10 minutes from its competitors and the quality/price canNOT be beat. she got a crapload of medicine there, some to take home, plus the er visit itself...$160? thank you!!

and no they didn't have to do anything fancy. yes i asked if she should get xrayed. that's our baby! but the doc didn't feel anything and as she wisely pointed out, if pearl wasn't better by later today, we could bring her back for more tests. pearl did throw up once more on the way home but she's already crashed asleep, so i think we're done. thank goodness because i'm tired. the *only* benefit of our escapade is now i have a guilt-free excuse to work from home, since i'm just now heading to bed. :-o


Kelly said...

I'm so sorry that your dog was sick. I hate it when one of the cats don't feel well.

It sounds like you have a great place to take her.

Dharma said...

Oh honey what a crazy night! Glad Pearl is better.

Wyatt's Mom said...

$160 for a peace of mind...priceless. Give that adorable an extra kiss from me.