Monday, January 22, 2007

the whole world is fair game

earlier today i showed liz a most awesome site i found. it was awesome for many reasons, but for starters, let's just say there were hybrid names involving birds. liz was (sarcastically) thanking me for showing her the site and then noted:

liz: you'll never get this time back
me: i'm glad though
liz: oh me too
liz: wait, why?
me: because this is rich man
me: the world is so full of people to mock
liz: true
me: and eventually, to write about
me: it's perfect
me: i have decided the whole world is fair game, so i'm taking better notes
liz: nice
me: 100% agree
me: dude, there is so much goodness out there
me: it's inspiring
liz: i'm inspired
me: good. that is a good state to be in.

and i guess that's why i'm writing this. it's a perfect example of how, even if i'm not writing fiction like i want to yet..and i will…i still feel inspired, turned on to the world at large. it's a really lovely feeling.

i know this post is the equivalent of putting the world on notice that if you say/do/write something i find interesting, i may work it into a bit of fiction someday, but a) that isn't unusual for a writer and b) i promise to change details to protect the obscenely embarrassed. but i also promise to write down the things i find really beautiful. i play nice. :-)


wen said...

i think it is all fair game. i often will blog things but not use them in my writing because they are almost too perfect (and sound made up!) ;)

heather said...

totally. this website i found, it was the epitome of several things i like to mock. all in one site! which yeah, can almost sound too perfect. =)

Dharma said...

isn't writing a blog in which one actually constructs at least some percentage of the entries putting the world on notice that there is something serious about you and writing? That's how I see mine, when I allow myself that amount of intent.

louisiana swamp rat said...

You really must share the link to the site, it sounds fascinating. I often find there are things so odd in this world (and especially mine) that writing about them doesn't even do justice to how odd they really are.

By the way, I've been pulled into a game of TAG, and guess what? You are now IT!

heather said...

dharma: that is a good point, at least some portion is exactly that.

lsr: i would share, but we have some friends in common and it's not nice to publicly make fun of acquaintances. no, much better to be anonymous! and thanks for the tag! =)