Friday, January 26, 2007

while i'm waiting for a file to open

(don't ask)

i booted up the itunes because i had a horrid yet wonderful song stuck in my head.

the first song that the mr. dj served up was thin line, by the indigo girls. i've heard this song many times. owning the album will do that to you. but for some reason when i booted it up today, i was taken back to nashville. i was sitting with my roommate kelly, singer/songwriter/fellow IG freak, in the dining room and in the background, this song came on. i'd been studying at the table, she'd been sitting up on a desk, feet on the chair below, sometimes playing her guitar along with the cd, sometimes playing her own music.

suddenly in the middle of this song, we got into a big discussion about harmonies, what worked about the song, what could have made it better, and soforth. we were both incredibly passionate about our positions, some shared, some disparate. although of course i don't recall the details, obviously it was a moment in time that stuck, resonated with me. it is a moment that, even though my moment in the music business world has long passed, and am no longer such an IG freak, i cherish.

and so i share a bit of it with you. the song is really good, if you haven't heard it. one of the few covers IG has released. check it out!


Wyatt's Mom said...

I still love the IG. There are a few songs that will always sing to my soul.

On another note, would love to hear more on your musical past

heather said...

yes, perhaps i can elaborate on that for LSR's tag post i'm working on! at least a bit.

gs said...

As I get older, I find myself randomly surprised by "stuck" memories more and more often. They are precious.

Andrea said...

omg, that youtube link was terrible!

heather said...

heh. i mean, yeah, how terrible!