Sunday, January 07, 2007

merry christmas, you're fired

or i would be if i were on deadline for finishing this stuff. anyway, i bring to you our hordes of pictures from our trip to mendocino county. enjoy!

since that trip i've been working, sleeping and eating like crazy. astoundingly i have not gained any weight although i have no explanation for that, maybe it's the crazy work canceling it out. speaking of that, i'm off to santa cruz today for more freelance work. bring on the scrilla!

oh and sadly i no longer have the Christmas Camera. while i'm very grateful i had it for a while, and the pictures shown above are all *much* better in quality than my cameraphone or the old olympus i had, ultimately this one was deficient and i returned it to fry's yesterday. the shutter was fucked up -- took too long to close or set for a shot, so a lot of the pictures came out grainy or blurry. even so, ended up with 60+ good ones! and of course, will be on the hunt for a replacement one very soon! me camera addict.


snarfdog said...

Great, beautiful pics. Can't wait till you get a new camera to take more.

wen said...

gorgeous pics!!