Monday, January 29, 2007

5 things

i don't know about deep dark secrets, but things that have probably not come up yet here, or not much:

1. i used to be a very devout christian. note that i do not say zealot, because i have never been the type to evangelize, but i was quietly, deeply devoted to my faith. now i would say that i believe a lot of the same principles, but am less hung up on the details and their implementation.

2. i spent a year and a half living on a bus. have i said that here yet? i think i mentioned it in passing. anyway, with my parents and (most of that time) my sister. my dad and two guy friends (previously homeless guys from the shelter where my dad worked, but had been living in our garage for the previous 6 months) gutted a bus and turned it into a motor home, complete with working kitchen and bathroom.

3. for karen: i used to have grand plans for the music business. granted my plans changed from time to time, but the plan ranged from songwriter, to recording engineer, to producer. i attacked that plan with a vengeance at belmont university. wow, they have a subcollege just for the MB program now. anyway. my time at belmont was insanely formative, to say the least. for example: i realized i liked girls. :-D

4. on a related note: it took me 3 colleges, 8 majors and 8 years to get a degree that i don't use on a daily basis. the breakdown:

mechanical engineering
physics (ultimate goal: astrophysics)

music business (business administration)

univ of montana
liberal studies
business administration

5. and how did i end up with a business degree (that i don't use) when i'd been pursuing liberal studies with the intent to go into journalism? because UoM has a cap on how many credits you can have without getting a degree, while accepting financial aid. over the course of 3 schools and 7 years, i managed to hit that limit. woo! so i had to get a degree over the 8th year, and business what i was able to squeeze out enough credits for.

there you go! oh, tagging.'s who's left:

snowflake or andrea or cheddah or carol, if any of them still read me!

thanks for tagging me, LSR - that was kinda fun. =)


Wyatt's Mom said...

Oh the more I learn, the more I want to know! Thanks for writing this. I'll be doing mine soon.

heather said...

hah, thanks, you're sweet =)

Kelly said...

I'll get to mine soon as well, Heather. Thanks for the tag. :)

Dharma said...

It really is a fun one! Thanks for playing. I could study so many more things. In writing mine I looked up the religion dept at my alumata (sp? I suck at it) and thought I could redo my degree because they added so many cool courses! I melted into a puddle reading the course descriptions.

heather said...

haha. i've had that experience as well. it sounds totally dorky, but learning is fun. at least, it is when you have such varied interests!