Thursday, January 27, 2005

all's well that ends well

despite my paranoia yesterday, our baby pearl did not come back from the groomer looking like death warmed over. yay! in fact, she looks adorable. apparently she did not have to get totally buzzed, altho she has probly a 1/8th inch of fur over most of her body. her tail is still very long and poofy tho AND her head is relatively normal (plenty of fur around her ears AND muzzle). still - it always takes me a while to recognize her whenever she comes back from the groomer. i keep thinking, you're cute, but who are you?

i gotta clear out the digicam so i can show you all the difference in how she looks. yet another thing to do.. :-p

in case you're wondering what the AND is all about...well...all i can say is that AND was a Very Important Word at our company indoctrination yesterday. AND i have a feeling we'll hear more about that in future company missives because AND covers so much territory (good AND bad). AND who doesn't want that delicious mix?

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