Friday, January 28, 2005

wishful thinking part deux

while i have a moment waiting for a process to finish on my machine...

min's at home now, hopefully sleeping. procedure got done a lot quicker than expected, mostly because the staff at dr. t's office are clueless (didn't tell us the right amount of time). but in this case, that's just fine! shorter is good.

in the good yet bad department, attempting to give her the injection triggered another attack. :-( bad because it's horrible to go through (and this one sounds like it was a real whopper), good because it lets them know that again, this was the right spot to take care of!

this also means she'll have more pain (than originally expected) for the next few days, but at least she's still on disability thru that period. and hopefully this will be the last really bad attack! *crosses fingers*

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