Wednesday, January 26, 2005

well isn't that special?

ever have one of those days where nothing you do is right? that's what almost every minute of this last week has been like. and to cement my position as a loser:

this morning i took our beloved pearl in to get groomed. we have had some trouble with her fur matting a) because it's gotten too long and b) min's taken all of my time/attention and neither of us has had the energy to groom her appropriately. we were going to ask nikki (sweet, dog-grooming daughter of our sweet backyard neighbor penny) to yes, cut her hair short, but to do the best she can to clear out the mattes.

but no. what does nikki exclaim, in a sad little voice, as soon as she scoops pearl up? "oh no! look at you!" and proceeds to tell me that our little baby is going to have to get shaved. shaved. bereft of her hair like a cancer patient or one of those freaky hairless cats.

we went back and forth for a while, me trying to figure out a way that wouldn't have to happen, but also not torture pearl trying to get the mattes out. nikki says she'll try, but is pretty sure that she'll have to shave her and then we'll use sweaters (which thankfully we already have) to keep her warm til her fur grows in.

i wanted to die. i was embarassed and frustrated that pearl had gotten like that so quickly (she got groomed just over a month ago), sad on pearl's behalf of what she was going to have to go through (today and while her fur grows back) and depressed because clearly this indicated that i was a shitty mom.

call me a martyr if you want, i probably am. but i guess it just felt like the last straw in what has already been a hard week, nevermind the last month. i want to go climb into a hole. i'm sure i just need a vacation or some major psychotropics to make me not give a fuck that i'm letting people down. we'll see which comes first.

now i'm off to get cracking on my weird work day. do a bit this morning, going home at lunch to give min the car and then i'm off to a company meeting the rest of the day. at least i'll be getting paid to sit and nod. ;-p

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Andrea said...

hey, give yourself a little break! you've had alot going on and considering it's only been a month since her last grooming, you shouldn't feel too bad. she's well loved and looks like a happy dog. if it helps any, alot of people shave their dogs to cut down on the shedding or to be cooler in the summer.

don't worry, take a big breath (or a day off) and find a cute sweater that'll match her collar. =)