Monday, January 03, 2005

happy happy joy joy

min just got her procedure for the 19th bumped up to wednesday - two days from now!! yay! hopefully this should relieve a good deal of her suffering. the doc has told her it may not help a lot, that the 2nd procedure should help more, but still... we'll take any improvement we can!

btw the procedure, strangely enough, is to inject botox into part of her GI tract. this one is going in her esophagus, the second one will go closer to her small intestine. this supposedly relaxes the muscles there (the ones that keep jamming shut and causing her attacks) for up to 18 months. down the road, if that goes well, they'll do surgery and make things permanent. interesting isn't it? in kind of a "wish i was watching a show about this, not personally living it" kind of way.

anyway, keep her in your thoughts for wednesday!

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Andrea said...

good thoughts a-commencing!