Monday, January 24, 2005

lifestyles of the sick and famous

right now i feel famous for being sick. not me - min. people keep asking me about her, and it's totally normal and i really appreciate people caring enough to ask! seriously, if you are one of those folks, don't feel like you should stop asking. it's just a little trippy that the thing i've been hearing most frequently is "so how's min doing?"

well, min's doing pretty and yes, that is a relative term because she's still fighting not to have an attack and keeping the pain at a level she can handle without, you know, wanting to kill herself. she got some new meds late last week, and those have kept her out of the hospital/doctor's office for 5 days in a row, yay!

hey i'm shooting for more than 3 days in a row. in the last month (today marks the 1 month anniversary of her attack marathon) she's had an attack an average of every 3 days, sometimes more. because we can't afford to pay for constant trips to the ER/doctor, we've probably only gone to the doctor an average of once a week (but sometimes more). i've been working a portion of almost every weekend to make up the time i keep losing from regular hours, jetting off to take her in. yippee skippee.

i won't bore you, imaginary reader, with any more gory details, but suffice to say she's finally decided to go on disability until she gets her second shot, scheduled for this friday. but after this shot, she should be good to go. well, about 50% better to go, and that's the goal for now. i'm just glad she's at home resting and starting to feel a little bit better. i think a month of unbearable agony is a month too long for anyone. and besides i'm sick of having to talk to those weird security guys at the ER booth so they'll let me in. :-p

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