Tuesday, November 22, 2005

and now, the rest of the story

it occurs to me that i haven't really updated you all on my home life. so here is an attempt at a BRIEF recap. ok. so:
  1. my mom went back to my dad about two weeks ago. she says it's only for a few months while he gets settled, but he also (supposedly) only has 6-12 months left period. they have been saying that for years, but whatever. i don't mean to sound callous. altho i know i am on this point. but i guess i feel like i've heard this before and she's just getting sucked back in. her life though. oh and two bonuses:

    - the day after my mom left to come here, my dad apparently tried to kill my sister by throttling her. way to increase family spirit!
    - my dad was later diagnosed as being bipolar. he is on meds now and supposedly is doing much better. i hope that continues to be true.

    ps. we really miss her already. it was good to have someone else to bounce ideas off and just generally be silly with.
    pps. taking a break is probably for the best since we were running out of money in the 'help my mom rack up frequent flier miles' department

  2. min just got out of a weeklong stay at the hospital.

    what? you thought her surgery was going to take care of everything? no shit, us too! i could regale you with details that min would probably despise me for sharing, but i will just say this: it was kinda scary for a while, but in the end it turned out she has extremely bad diverticulitis and will need to pay even more attention to all the little signs her body does/n't give her in order to avoid losing part of her intestines in the future.

    and she does feel a little better now, thanks. but drained, like me, so we're going to go up to bodega bay this weekend with pearl.
ok that's it for now. this ends the blogging tourettes portion of the evening. going to try to invoke some sleep now. later, corn!


Andrea said...

whew, i can return to just visiting every day, as opposed to visiting AND commenting every day. =D

heather said...

but comments make me happy! without them, i so ronery.