Tuesday, November 29, 2005

get thee to a mummery

i know this is serious, but believe me, my mom would love that i was having fun with these headlines. after all, she came up with murrito.

so the news i have is, she's still in the hospital and they are running tests. they have two theories that they are poking and prodding to death: diabetes, or heart trouble. we will know more late tomorrow, or maybe thursday. in the meantime my mom is exhausted but fine. altho she bit her tongue pretty severely during the seizure, but they didn't have to do stitches.

also i found out that she and my dad are definitely moving up to oregon. to stay with one of my uncles, who has an apartment attached to his house. you may recall i described this a few moons ago as a deplorable sounding place. apparently it has undergone some renevation. but also, my parents are literally out of options. my dad's disability doesn't make it easy for them to get a place on their own, and they've been looking! but at least this seems to be working out, odd a jump as it is.

anyway, thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and other forms of positive vibery! both she and i really appreciate it.


Jenn!e said...

I hope the new place works out well, and that your mom gets a diagnosis and treatment plan soon. Lots going on chez toi!

heather said...

wow. you made me look up french.

yes, there is a lot going on. but that is always the case. wheeee!

Andrea said...

i'm a little late to the good thoughts bandwagon because i was busy tearing my hair out the past few days, so, uhm, good thoughts and everything to your mom.