Tuesday, November 22, 2005

sometimes you feel like a nut

actually most of the time i feel like a nut. and not like a Pe-can, almond or chestnut (which i just remembered was an old handle of mine - chest-nut. heh). no, i mean nut like a goofball. this is because, in case you didn't catch it between my more serious posts, i am an extremely silly girl.

and i am good company. this is a little shoutout to NUTS. you know who you are, and you:
  1. are all fucking hilarious
  2. give me a space to mock, enjoy my own wit and inadvertently vent, guilt-free
  3. keep my inbox from being empty
  4. make me happy when i'm bored, blue, or both
i wish i could share more of our brilliance with the world, but sadly, there are too many lawyers out there. until the world becomes a safer place, i will enjoy our wimmin's only space and say:

thank you. =)

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