Wednesday, November 30, 2005

today was a good day to blog

consider it my sleep-deprived gift to you, my darlings.

630 am: wake up too early so you can go get pain medicine that - you guessed it - the pharmicist fucked up and you can't get for another whole day.

845 am: go get frappaccino because you're so bloody sleepy from getting up at the crack of dawn.

10 am: learn about career paths in a department that you are trying to leave. attempt to feign interest. fail.

11 am: work?

12 pm: enjoy the aromas of Ranch 99 biological waste

12:45 pm: enjoy the aroma of some toffee crack that you didn't order (because of the earlier frappaccino), but they made for you anyway because - hello - you're there. OBVIOUSLY you need some toffee crack. get guilted into paying for unexpected crack. enjoy crack guilt-free.

130 pm: work. attempt to feign interest. fail.

3 pm: get urgent call about emergency bug going live tonight, because the original bug owner went home early. determine that the bug doesn't apply to your Favoritest Cuntry Ever. enjoy the aroma of unimpacted irrelevancies and not having to work late.

430 pm: discover need to play ping pong, or pool. waddle downstairs to game rooms. pick up paddle. move toward table. get ousted by geeks who RSVP'd the room.

431 pm: quickly jump to adjacent room to secure pool table, since primary aforementioned geek was playing pool while waiting for secondary geek. glare at annoying dude who magically took over table during the last 60 seconds.

455 pm: after narrowly losing at air hockey, emerge triumphant at subsequent round of pool, since annoying dude has left the building.

530 pm: realize it's time to go home. call for your chariot.

6 pm: chariot arrives with a wife and puppy in tow. kiss both. exit stage right.

7 pm: forage for dinner and finally settle on leftovers. attempt to feign interest. fail.

7:20 pm: write checks for bills. wish that you could pay rent online.

7:45 pm: brush my cat because she has skin issues that make her hair mat. ignore 15 minutes of wailing and hissing.

830 pm: watch min like a hawk because her dinner is causing her to have an attack. get meds and a bowl in case she throws up. pump adrenaline intermittently. wait.

9 pm: sit next to min on the couch and have her fall asleep on you while you watch surprisingly interesting little show. pet pearl occasionally after she perches on the other side of you and chews her bone.

9:50 pm: put min to bed. kiss both.

10:15 pm: attempt to feign interest in lame law & 0rder episode. fail.

10:17 pm: put pearl to bed. kiss both.

10:18 pm: get on the internets. catch up on all your reading.

11:45 pm: feel not ready for bed yet. start blogging.

12:10 am: continue to not feel ready for bed, but go anyway. wish your readers sweet dreams and happy ucmjoining.



Andrea said...

*clapclapclap* nice, i always wanted to see a glimpse into your world. =D

ucmjoining? does that have something to with being "bio-available?"

heather said...


actually those two things are completely unrelated. the first is about my favorite application, clearcase. the second one, well, that's a mystery that will never be appropriately solved.

Jenn!e said...

Your cat has nice taste in shoes, I see. *Love* the disinterested look. Classic Cat.

Jenn!e said...

(Today is also a good day to blog...)