Monday, January 02, 2006

ps. part deux

my dad rang in the new year with a fever, migrane and by sending chuck up up and away! woo!

but in typical stubborn dad fashion, he refused to go to the hospital until chuck had been upped for about 12 hours or so. also he'd been very disoriented and had a TIA a few days ago (among other things, this is compounded by my dad's antiphospholipid syndrome.)

so with all those things mom was pushing him to go to the ER. he finally relented around 1pm. because i'm tired, i'm going to abbreviate and say that after much ambulance fun, waiting fun, and more chuck, my dad was finally admitted to the hospital around 9pm.

i think mostly they are observing him rather than thinking a stroke is imminent. but my mom, a true expert after living thru 15 years of this with my dad, thinks otherwise. we shall see what tomorrow (well, later today!) brings, but hopefully he just needs some fluids and antibiotics (may have a sinus infection). and my poor mom, she's trying to fight off that bug but not succeeding very well.

on the upside min is feeling better than she did last night - almost had to go to hospital just for her. but she's doing better today.

keep those rays of goodness coming! very appreciated.


Jenn!e said...

The chuck needs to stay down, dammit, down.

Good to hear Min's feeling better. Hope your dad (& mom) improve, too.

Andrea said...

gah, what a rocky start to the new year! things can only get better from here, right?

a big round of good thoughts for you all. take care, ya big nut.