Wednesday, November 30, 2005

today was a good day to blog

consider it my sleep-deprived gift to you, my darlings.

630 am: wake up too early so you can go get pain medicine that - you guessed it - the pharmicist fucked up and you can't get for another whole day.

845 am: go get frappaccino because you're so bloody sleepy from getting up at the crack of dawn.

10 am: learn about career paths in a department that you are trying to leave. attempt to feign interest. fail.

11 am: work?

12 pm: enjoy the aromas of Ranch 99 biological waste

12:45 pm: enjoy the aroma of some toffee crack that you didn't order (because of the earlier frappaccino), but they made for you anyway because - hello - you're there. OBVIOUSLY you need some toffee crack. get guilted into paying for unexpected crack. enjoy crack guilt-free.

130 pm: work. attempt to feign interest. fail.

3 pm: get urgent call about emergency bug going live tonight, because the original bug owner went home early. determine that the bug doesn't apply to your Favoritest Cuntry Ever. enjoy the aroma of unimpacted irrelevancies and not having to work late.

430 pm: discover need to play ping pong, or pool. waddle downstairs to game rooms. pick up paddle. move toward table. get ousted by geeks who RSVP'd the room.

431 pm: quickly jump to adjacent room to secure pool table, since primary aforementioned geek was playing pool while waiting for secondary geek. glare at annoying dude who magically took over table during the last 60 seconds.

455 pm: after narrowly losing at air hockey, emerge triumphant at subsequent round of pool, since annoying dude has left the building.

530 pm: realize it's time to go home. call for your chariot.

6 pm: chariot arrives with a wife and puppy in tow. kiss both. exit stage right.

7 pm: forage for dinner and finally settle on leftovers. attempt to feign interest. fail.

7:20 pm: write checks for bills. wish that you could pay rent online.

7:45 pm: brush my cat because she has skin issues that make her hair mat. ignore 15 minutes of wailing and hissing.

830 pm: watch min like a hawk because her dinner is causing her to have an attack. get meds and a bowl in case she throws up. pump adrenaline intermittently. wait.

9 pm: sit next to min on the couch and have her fall asleep on you while you watch surprisingly interesting little show. pet pearl occasionally after she perches on the other side of you and chews her bone.

9:50 pm: put min to bed. kiss both.

10:15 pm: attempt to feign interest in lame law & 0rder episode. fail.

10:17 pm: put pearl to bed. kiss both.

10:18 pm: get on the internets. catch up on all your reading.

11:45 pm: feel not ready for bed yet. start blogging.

12:10 am: continue to not feel ready for bed, but go anyway. wish your readers sweet dreams and happy ucmjoining.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

oh and p.s.

i hate hormones. and ovaries.

get thee to a mummery

i know this is serious, but believe me, my mom would love that i was having fun with these headlines. after all, she came up with murrito.

so the news i have is, she's still in the hospital and they are running tests. they have two theories that they are poking and prodding to death: diabetes, or heart trouble. we will know more late tomorrow, or maybe thursday. in the meantime my mom is exhausted but fine. altho she bit her tongue pretty severely during the seizure, but they didn't have to do stitches.

also i found out that she and my dad are definitely moving up to oregon. to stay with one of my uncles, who has an apartment attached to his house. you may recall i described this a few moons ago as a deplorable sounding place. apparently it has undergone some renevation. but also, my parents are literally out of options. my dad's disability doesn't make it easy for them to get a place on their own, and they've been looking! but at least this seems to be working out, odd a jump as it is.

anyway, thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and other forms of positive vibery! both she and i really appreciate it.


undefeated champion = me.
i am a moron.
just a fyi.
sorry for the cryptic-ness, but i just have to document this moment for myself.
i now return you to the regular blend of fluff and medical reporting.

i am such a geek

this just came into my inbox, and my first thought was: cool!

Dynamic View Training on UNIX
Come and learn how you can save time by developing with dynamic views. This will be an informative training session on dynamic views. It will clearly demonstrate the benefits of using dynamic views and how to get started with them.

oh and ps. no update on my mom, sorry. my sister's stupid cell doesn't take incoming calls, and i haven't heard from her since yesterday. thanks sis!

Monday, November 28, 2005

mom's the word

please keep my mom in your thoughts. 15 minutes after we returned home, from a great weekend in bodega bay (more on that another time), i got a call from my sister that my mom is in the hospital. apparently she had a seizure (probably grand mal, from the description) while at the mall with my dad. this was about 2 hrs ago, and they'd all just gotten to the ER about 30 minutes earlier, so they have no idea yet what brought this on. anyways, any prayers or good thoughts are greatly appreciated...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

sleep, data

apparently i am turning into a night owl. which is truly bizarre to me, because i friggin LOVE sleep. i guess i need an android to trick me into a forced regeneration cycle.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

yesterday, redux

again, utter lack of concentration when it comes to being productive. however, i have been able to point out some flaws in other people's work. and try a new frosty caffienated drink. oh and get those itunes errors again.

my work is done.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

and now, the rest of the story

it occurs to me that i haven't really updated you all on my home life. so here is an attempt at a BRIEF recap. ok. so:
  1. my mom went back to my dad about two weeks ago. she says it's only for a few months while he gets settled, but he also (supposedly) only has 6-12 months left period. they have been saying that for years, but whatever. i don't mean to sound callous. altho i know i am on this point. but i guess i feel like i've heard this before and she's just getting sucked back in. her life though. oh and two bonuses:

    - the day after my mom left to come here, my dad apparently tried to kill my sister by throttling her. way to increase family spirit!
    - my dad was later diagnosed as being bipolar. he is on meds now and supposedly is doing much better. i hope that continues to be true.

    ps. we really miss her already. it was good to have someone else to bounce ideas off and just generally be silly with.
    pps. taking a break is probably for the best since we were running out of money in the 'help my mom rack up frequent flier miles' department

  2. min just got out of a weeklong stay at the hospital.

    what? you thought her surgery was going to take care of everything? no shit, us too! i could regale you with details that min would probably despise me for sharing, but i will just say this: it was kinda scary for a while, but in the end it turned out she has extremely bad diverticulitis and will need to pay even more attention to all the little signs her body does/n't give her in order to avoid losing part of her intestines in the future.

    and she does feel a little better now, thanks. but drained, like me, so we're going to go up to bodega bay this weekend with pearl.
ok that's it for now. this ends the blogging tourettes portion of the evening. going to try to invoke some sleep now. later, corn!

sometimes you feel like a nut

actually most of the time i feel like a nut. and not like a Pe-can, almond or chestnut (which i just remembered was an old handle of mine - chest-nut. heh). no, i mean nut like a goofball. this is because, in case you didn't catch it between my more serious posts, i am an extremely silly girl.

and i am good company. this is a little shoutout to NUTS. you know who you are, and you:
  1. are all fucking hilarious
  2. give me a space to mock, enjoy my own wit and inadvertently vent, guilt-free
  3. keep my inbox from being empty
  4. make me happy when i'm bored, blue, or both
i wish i could share more of our brilliance with the world, but sadly, there are too many lawyers out there. until the world becomes a safer place, i will enjoy our wimmin's only space and say:

thank you. =)

ok fine

i have been peer pressured into not letting this blog die a quick and painless death. also, liz wisely reminded me that every post does not have to be a tome. with that in mind, and no promises about how often i will post, i bring you this:

i cannot generate any interest in working today. normally i love mucking about in the code, and the window behind me is full of it, ready for me to code sweet love to it, but i'm just bored as shit. i'd much rather look at maternity clothes liz is considering or try to buy songs on itunes but keep getting an error. excellent.

Friday, November 11, 2005

cutesy, girly shirts

are something i sometimes enjoy on other people, but have absolutely no interest in wearing myself. and the same thing holds true for blogging. there are so many blogs i love reading and (sporadically) commenting on. but clearly i have neither the time nor inclination to keep my own blog updated. which i'm sure is obvious to my 3 readers, since my posts have dwindled to nothing.

so, sorry, but consider this official notice. if you are interested in keeping up with me and don't have my email address, go here (to avoid spammers) and drop me a line.

and the rest of you who blog, keep it up! i have an self-entertainment quota to meet. :-)