Wednesday, May 24, 2006

fighting with my eyelids

my right eye is trying to close shut. the left one is thinking about it but for reasons unknown to me, is much sturdier against the forces of gravity. at least for now.

hey it's been a long time since i posted after midnight. and for once i'm not up for angst-related reasons. no, we went out. after an exceedingly tedious day at work, i was going to go roller skating until i found out tonight was the wrong night for the particular place i was going. bastards! so, what to do instead? so many options but instead of being wild and crazy we went to see da vinnie code. i liked it alright but min didn't - she read the book though.

on the way out of the mall (went to the newish amc eastridge near us - very nice! if a bit like being in vegas because of the looong hallways) we stopped into this lil photo booth and got silly/swoony sticker pics taken like when we first got together. and this was better because you got two sheets for $3! instead of one sheet of 4 shots. like always i didn't like any shot of myself but they were still fun to take, and to have even so.

i'm usually in charge of navigating so i volunteered to figure out how (using public transport) min was going to get to a class she's taking tomorrow in the city. yes i know about this. and thank god for it, but there were other variables and errands for tomorrow, like pearl getting dropped off, picked up for grooming, plus i actually have to work somewhere in there, blah blah blah. this is all very boring but suffice to say it took a little while to figure out what our schedule needs to be tomorrow. of course it does take longer to do that when you're also reading your email, reading other blogs, buying corn, but details.

oh and i guess, for a more emotionally compelling aspect to this post: i'm sorry to be vague but let's just say that this last weekend was not something i want to repeat. i could have broadcast "the inappropriate show" all weekend from my house. but, apologies and promises were made, and hopefully that will be that. even though it's only tuesday - well, wednesday now - things have been much much better already, thank goodness.

ok that's it for my fascinating recap. i'm calling a jihad on my eyelids. nighty night.


wen said...

1. I liked the DaVinnie Code. I also didn't read the book. I kept meaning to and then, well, look the MOVIE is here! Woo!

2. Scheduling is no easy feat!

How are things going overall??

Jenn!e said...

You bought corn? See ya later!