Tuesday, May 09, 2006

wen...this one's for you

This is for wen, my little commenting cheerleader (thanks wen :-). So what’s new with me since my last semi-whiny post?

Well, what’s new today is my work computer died. kaPUTZkie! The hard drive is getting replaced and re-imaged now, I should have it back tomorrow. Meantime I would like to thank liz for being on maternity leave so I could use her computer.

oh AND! i was not brilliant enough to solve my coding problems at work, but a very smart guy in our group was. with his help, and then additional work based off that (by yours truly), i was able to get everything magically delicious. phew!

In personal drama news (internal or otherwise) I would like to report there has been no real drama to speak of. Although I did unexpectedly stumble into an email convo with AG. I hadn’t talked to her for weeks. And turns out that was intentional on both our sides. Breathers are good. I still feel a bit … crazy … when I think about her. Crazy because I can’t have her, and that reminds me that I wish I didn’t want to have her and was content with monogamy. BUT it does feel good to have a normal (silly and serious) conversation with her, like we’re at least partially restoring normalcy.

Other relationship news…well it’s like I told AG. Things will be fine (calm, happy, sexy, playful) for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Then they won’t be. There will be angst-ridden discussions aplenty, etc. So, that’s difficult, but all to be expected as I imagine.

We see the therapist again this weekend. Did I start on my homework? Well actually yes. Am I going to get a second revision in before Saturday? Hell no. But at least I did the first draft. :-D

Ok that’s all I have time for today, what with all my puter fun. Wen, get some sleep and vitamin C!


wen said...

hey! i'm famous. lol. :)

i posted a comment on this the day it went up but for some reason it didn't turn up. hmmm. maybe my dsl porch got it in the break up.

heather said...

omg yes. dsl bitchslapping!