Monday, May 29, 2006

the semi-circle of excellence continues

more cool things, some i forgot to mention last time, some new!

- i got to meet valerie. she was beautiful of course, but amazingly quiet and still, although i'm sure i timed that just right. i DID, however, get to see her bust out with a travolta-esque saturday night fever arm punch, with concordant foot dancing, a few moments before i passed her to min. that totally rocked.

- last week, i witnessed the Power Of All Of Us when threadless reprinted this beauty and it finally arrived in my home, safe, sound and delicious. i got the blue, and i'm very happy to say i successfully dropped a shirt size. woo! thank you stress!

- yesterday we did in fact head out into the Great Beyond for an adventure. the adventure took us to sausalito. the plan was to go to the caledonia street fair for a bit of craftiness and yummy food, then (particularly if the fair sucked), go to the marin headlands on the other side of 101.

well traffic was pretty thick considering the holiday weekend, so we didn't get parked and walking towards the fair until about 2pm. and, since there was no map/info on the internet about precisely where the fair started (plus we hadn't been to sausalito before), we ended up parking a half mile from the goods. but, it was a gorgeous day and we both were doing well so: on, teb!

besides we were both motivated by hunger. i'd read that there was supposed to be an array of international cuisines represented and about 150 booths. oh and music. there was music, i'd say 60-75 booths, and for food: thai, an italian place selling pizza, and two burger/beer joints (one at each end). i wanted something hot, grilled and fresh (who doesn't?) so i voted hot dog and coke and i must say, they were very tasty.

as to the craftwerks: as usual i didn't get anything, but we both enjoyed seeing more diverse crafts than we're used to seeing at events like this. including a guy who did etchings in stone. very beautiful (but naturally, expensive). min got a VERY cute handmade hat - she's gotten into wearing hats lately and some other things, i forget.

so even though there wasn't that much to see, amazingly it took us about 3 hours to meander up and down the fair. by the time we got done and back to the car we were thinking about dinner. we wanted to go to ghirardelli on the way out of town, so trolled around for a place nearby to eat. oh sure, we had our usuals but wanted to explore. so,'t see anything good.

finally we caved in and just parked at the square. tried first usual - the mandarin - closed for private event! they suggested a thai place downstairs...also closed for private event! walked to tgi friday's down the street...which is now an irish bar and grill. i saw a mexican place at the cannery so we finally landed there and had some moderately good fajitas. walked back to ghirardelli and got our choco fix then headed home.

min just walked by and showed me something i found last night, outside the cannery, that i forgot about. on the sidewalk, i found a little white heart, with a rainbow swooping down across it, and a little faux diamond inside it. a little scuffed but still cute. just now she put it on a chain and says she's going to wear it to remember the great day we had yesterday (and it was a good day).

today we're hoping to go play some goofy golf. i'm so happy that she's up for going out a 2nd day in a row, especially after what (for her) was a pretty active day. and with that i will go have lunch and hope that all of you are having a good holiday weekend. :-)


snarfdog said...

That sounds like a great day. I love doing stuff like that. It's so fun to just adventure once in a while.

wen said...

what a perfect day! it's so good to just get out and play!