Thursday, November 02, 2006

decisions, decisions

today liz and i were talking and somehow an old favorite came up. when i saw it over on her second monitor, i thought: that would make a great wallpaper!

i had that up, and it was nice. but then i remembered a newer goodie and thought, hmmmm. would that be too much as a wallpaper?

at first glance, the choice seems obvious -- hamster. but as i was thinking about it, i brought up another window and only got slivers of laura smiling at me.

such a tough decision now. adorable hamster or adorable child star? please feel free to vote via comments.


Viv said...

Use both. I rotate wallpapers from one of my flickr sets (you can do it by tag, too) using John's Background Switcher.

heather said...

OMG. that is so awesome! thanks!

Dharma said...

Ugh. Sorry I cannot vote in good conscious because I could not live with either.

snarfdog said...

Forget Laura and the hamster. I think you should have a pic of me as your wallpaper. ;)

Jenn!e said...

I vote hamster. But why do you tile? Why not use the image, stretched, as a wallpaper? Or is this a PC thing I do not understand? (one of many; just found out how to adjust the volume today)

heather said...

i tiled because it was funnier en masse. because, i don't know. i like being funny. :-D

and what's really funny is i just realized the wallpaper reverted for some reason. going to fix...!