Monday, November 20, 2006

her pen, unfurled

since i posted in the wee hours of saturday about my writing epiphany, i have written (for me) an insane amount. apparently, a door has been opened. and even though i feel i still need help writing *stories* (and i am working on that already), the fact that i'm writing like a bandit is serious improvement.

that makes me very happy, i guess because i'm letting all this creativity out of me. i've never been afraid of writing, nor even felt per se like i had writer's block, but maybe…i never gave myself permission to be such a word whore. to write anytime, about any little random thing that popped into my head.

so that's exactly what i did when i started carrying a tiny notebook with me everywhere this weekend. on my way to the store and random interesting thoughts pop into my head? write it down. at a stoplight? write it down. and the best one -- writing down my dreams in the morning, especially if they were vivid or odd.

and by and large, i have VERY odd dreams. have since i was very young. maybe they make sense, maybe they don't, but they're almost always full of vivid imagery. sometimes i'm in the show, sometimes i'm just watching. sometimes i'm a girl, sometimes not. sometimes they're about places i've been, with people i know, and sometimes it's places that don't even exist, and people i've never even seen.

in fact, i've often thought some of my dreams would make amazing short stories, or be good worked into a larger story. so by writing them down now, i hope to make these fiddly bits into a larger story someday.

meantime i started another blog for these random entries. yes i said i'm writing them in a notebook but if you'd ever seen my handwriting you'd know that digitizing them immediately is wise, lest i be unable to tell what i wrote. and yes i've been puzzled by my own handwriting a mere hour later. :-D

i'm sure i'll get lots of writing done on thanksgiving, too, since min will not be home yet. i've never had a tday by myself -- christmas, yes, and that sucked. i think tday will be better but it's still a bit odd, thinking about it. then again the single life is agreeing with me more than i expected.


Wyatt's Mom said...

Oh wow! Very cool! Glad the juices are flowing for ya!

Dreams are weird, but saying that, I wish I had more. I either don't dream, or don't remember them. Or maybe I'm just not creative enough to have them ;)

heather said...

hah. i'm sure you have them, just aren't remembering them. i actually wish i remembered mine more, but i'm betting that writing them down all the time will get me better at that.

Kelly said...

Carrying around a notebook or a microcassette recorder helps a lot. I need to start doing that again. If you're interested in taking any writing classes, have you ever heard of "The Writing Salon"? They have locations in Bernal Heights and also in Berkeley. I took a 5 week class on writing personal essays a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun. Here's the website:

Congrats on the writing and here's hoping you have a peaceful and productive Thanksgiving.

heather said...

actually i just heard about writing salon over the weekend! good to have another rec for it tho. thanks!

Dharma said...

Yep, you definitely sound good these days.

Carol said...

Hooray for epiphanies! And for lots of writing. Seems like a lot of my friends are having creative spurts lately...