Wednesday, November 29, 2006

as promised

here are my pics from joaquin miller and land's end hikes!

i've always wanted a camera phone, and i've been grateful from the beginning that i have it, blurry as those pics may sometimes be. as of a few weeks ago, my gratitude has doubled because my beloved digital camera was lost.

to be honest i wish it hadn't upset me so much, but it did. i guess partly because of how it was lost. one of min's sisters was holding it for a few minutes - in a store - when it "disappeared". let's just say, this sister's been less than honorable in the past and i wouldn't be surprised if reports of the loss were greatly exaggerated. naturally there's no way i can prove that and in any event, it's just a thing, and so i've been trying to let it go.

however, it was a birthday present. a present i picked out, because i researched cameras to death. a present that'd been delayed almost a whole year because of various financial issues during the preceding year. and finally, it was probably the best present i'd ever recieved, as far as things are concerned (i am not a collector; i like trips/going out rather than Things), because i ended up enjoying the hell out of it in so many ways.

anyway. i'm grateful for what i have, and hopefully i can get a replacement by my next birthday. meantime apologies for any blurriness or abundant glare, now and in the future. use your mind to imagine how awesome things *really* looked!


Wyatt's Mom said...

Wow! Nice camera phone shots! That last one on lands end is fabu!!!

I am so sorry for the camera loss. I know I'd be at loss without ours! I hope you'll be able to replace it soon. What kind was it btw?

heather said...

thanks karen!

the camera was a canon powershot a430. cheap, powerful, easy to use, superb quality. can't really ask for much more, i think!

gs said...

Nice pictures! I hope to be able to see Lands End soon myself, but that's another story....

If my Nikon D70 "disappeared," I would not be able to "let it go." :)

The Canon Powershots are nice cameras. That's what Judi has.

heather said...

thanks! i hear (and see) nice things about the nikon d70, too. just costs more than i wanted. ;-)

Wyatt's Mom said...

I love my Fuji. The color quality is just so sweet. Loved to one day have a Nikon, but just can't justify the price.

Your canon is a sweet little thing too. Well was, sorry about that. Maybe craigslist would have something? Good time to check out flebay too.

Dharma said...

I agree with Wyatt's mom about that last shot from Lands End. Very striking.

wen said...

weird, i posted a long comment on this yesterday and it doesn't appear. bye bye comment! ;)