Thursday, November 23, 2006

attitude of gratitude

i definitely have some things in my life for which i am not thankful, things i wish were different. however, today is about being thankful, and i am thankful for:

- this space to write
- the visitors who add to my life by commenting
- blogs of said visitors, who add to my life by their presence
- the ability to write, move, breathe, think freely
- a steady job
- 3 purring, licking furballs
- people who love me

i am blessed to have these things. i hope all of you have a moment today to reflect on the gifts in your life. happy thanksgiving :)


Kelly said...

What a great list, Heather. I hope that you keep finding more things for which to be grateful.

Dharma said...

Happy thanks day Heather.

snarfdog said...

Back at ya!

wen said...

i's good to give thanks. :)