Sunday, July 30, 2006

30 second voyage

INT. Bubbles' house - early evening.

Bubbles is scanning teevee options for the evening. She comes across a random movie starring valerie harper.

Bubbles thinks to herself, 'valerie harper. isn't that rhoda? and the one with that show where she got replaced by sandy duncan? yeah...sandy duncan...why does that sound familiar?' There is a pause while Bubbles stares at the screen.

"Oh," Bubbles says, and then snickers, because she remembers that earlier in the day, she'd read this:
This week marks the four-year anniversary of your solemn oath to develop a lifestyle that is in no way influenced by Sandy Duncan.

Min, at the computer, and curious why Bubbles is giggling, asks, "What?"

After she stops giggling, the first thing Bubbles says is, "Thanks again for getting me that onion book."

Bubbles then takes Min on the 30 second voyage, she also tells her about the flaming corn dogs and morality for sextuplets. Because that was some good shit too.

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