Tuesday, July 11, 2006

bubbles is on speed

i'll post an update about My Life someday soon. in lieu of that, i give you self-entertainment.

i often have been told that my fingers' propensity to blur across the keyboard is jarring to the ears (no like clickey clackey). to that i say: riiight - you're just jealous!

anyway if you wanna test your typing skills in a fun, quick way, go here. and if you're feeling charitable, report back with your score!

today mine worked out to 97 wpm with 2 errors. and honestly, i used to type faster. i must be getting old. :-p


Andrea said...

oops, i pissed off that page because it won't reload the test but i got 85 wpm with 2 errors from typingtest.com. woo, i picked up speed from the last time i tried.

can you imagine having to score these tests manually, way back in the day BEFORE computers?

heather said...

wow. yeah what'd they do? abacus? slide rule? actually i did do a test back in high school (on typewriters!) but i forget how they figured our speed.

and congrats on upping your time!

snarfdog said...

I hate this test!