Tuesday, July 11, 2006

so about the last two weeks...

i'm still not going to tell you. maybe tomorrow. it's getting late and my eyes have windburn from my night out. mostly from racing cars.

i've been to MGP before but i didn't do the racing then. tonight i did both the 'go karts' and the 'grand prix' and let me say, there is a WORLD of difference between the two. go kart = fun. grand prix = adrenaline. it could only have been better if it was an actual race (with a winner) rather than me trying to beat my time (and everyone else's) each lap, which i did. :-D

i went tonight (was going to be min and i but she was too sick) because some dyke on bascrappy set up the event. i did actually meet said dyke, and she was very nice, but because i was about 20 minutes late, i lost track of the rest of them by the time i paid (long line). didn't really matter though because i had the best time.

they are having an awesome special in the evenings this summer. if anyone wants to go, gimme holla!

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