Sunday, July 23, 2006

i don't know about the rest of you

but right now i would very much like to be in alaska, antartica, or have some chunk of an iceberg in this house. 108 degrees (says wunderground) is a bit much, even with AC that's been going for hours and hours.

ok, back to the bedroom (the only tolerably cool room in the house)!


snarfdog said...

I hear ya sister. We are dying over here. Even with AC on, our rooms are 88 and above. Bring on the icebergs.

wen said...

chicago was brutal--upper 90s and into the 100s. ick.

but santa cruz...ahhhhh...

last night i had to come in from the porch after dinner because i was too chilly. it has been low 80s in the day (hot for here) and 60s at night (low 60s most nights).

come visit the beach!!

notice, however, i will be bitching about the damp cold in roughly 2-3 months when it's not a respite from hot weather but rather a harbinger of winter.