Tuesday, July 11, 2006

bubbles is also a perfectionist

we know this because she had to take the typing test again and outperform herself. and she did! 108.41 wpm and 1 error.

for the record i totally made a bunch of errors in an email 5 minutes ago. i guess this is proof i work well under pressure. ;-)


Andrea said...

wow, that's crazy! i'd be happy if i could get up to 90. ::going to take test again:: =D

heather said...

btw if you can't get the site i sent to work, and only try again on typingtest.com, don't feel too bad. i went there right after you posted and the best i could get was like 80-something wpm. the java they're using (or whatever the hell it is) slows things waaaay down, esp if you make a typo :-o