Saturday, October 28, 2006

97% agree!

i just redid the openness quiz to reflect how i was tonight, and i got a 43%. i would've said 45%, but hey, that's still an improvement!

so tonight i went to a game night put on by BACW. it was at the president's house (i didn't know that until i left, when i was thanking her for hosting). it started at 4pm and to be honest, i figured i'd leave after a couple hours, tops.

but no, i was there until a little after 11. that's right, look at me! at a stranger's house for 6+ hours. having a good time! seriously. there ended up being 1 woman i knew, another one i'd met once (and we talked a bunch tonight) and a couple other women i got to know fairly well. which is of course, why i upped my ranking because i was all chatty and shit. rock on.

i attempted to learn the rules of euchre using my powers of observation with input from the experts. good grief that game is complicated. rather than trying to play though, i just watched, giggled, had super-awesome tri-tip, and later won some rounds of texas hold 'em. oh! and a partners game of pool, in which my partner got almost everything in, but i sucked...until the very end, when i got the last stripe AND the 8 ball in one shot.

which is like i always say: when i'm good at pool, i'm really good. but when i suck - wow, do i suck.

at any rate, i had a good time. as you could probably tell. :-)


Dharma said...

I am very proud of you! You went out. You had fun! Excellent.

wen said...

woo! sounds like fun! ;)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well done on having a good time!