Friday, October 06, 2006

i really could've gone my whole life without this

for the first time ever, i just got stung by a wasp. all i was doing was taking pearl out for a breather, thank you very much, during which she did not pee even though she made it very clear she needed to go outside. fine. i'm back at my desk working a few minutes later and i feel this odd itching in my lower back.

scratch. whatever.

then it comes back again a few seconds later. wtf?

scratch scratch HEY isn't there something under my shirtAAAACK!

jumped up, freaking pearl out entirely both from the noise and, since she was sitting on my shoulders, sudden movement since i'd ungracefully ejected her onto the chair (sliding off my back). i ran into the bathroom, took of my shirt, didn't see anything but was already feeling a sharp pain. after a moment i saw a bit of blood.

checked the rest of my clothes thoroughly for an insect (since at that point i didn't know what had gotten me), then when i was satisfied my clothes were abomination-free, headed back towards my desk. and 5 feet from the computer, there was my attacker, squirming on the floor.


apologies of sorts to all you insect lovers, but i had to do it.

then i picked him up and determined: wasp. just to be sure i googled for images. i know, i'm a geek, but hey! i've never been bitten by bee, wasp, hornet, whatever. i had to check what to do for the right type of sting!

now i'm about to get off the internet and move me, my slightly throbbing back, my ice pack and pearl to the couch for a few minutes. i'm done. :-p


snarfdog said...

Try a salt pack, benedryl, and a your choice of pain med. You should be fine very quickly.

heather said...

salt! i didn't read anything that said that. but, it's well past bugging me now. all good. :-)

snarfdog said...

Yeah, helps to leach the poison out.